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We are available to come speak at your event.  We've spoken on the dangers of pornography and the path to healing at events all around the country and are available for events like:

  • Diocesan Leadership Convocation
  • Seminarian Training
  • Clergy Congress
  • Men's Conference
  • Women's Conference
  • Catholic Medical Conference
  • Catholic Psychotherapy Conference
  • Parish events
  • and more!

If you are interested in booking one of our speakers for your event, please use contact us.


RECLAiM Speakers

bruce jeannie donwarden

Bruce E. Hannemann, M.A.

RECLAiM & EMI Co-Founder
Men’s Ministry Director

Jeannie M. Hannemann, M.A.

RECLAiM & EMI Co-Founder
Executive Director

Don Warden

Director of Operations
& Development

Bruce Hannemann and his wife, Jeannie, are co-founders of Elizabeth Ministry International. They not only have shared the recovery journey with hundreds of couples through their ministry, but have lived it personally. Read more ››

Jeannie Hannemann and her husband, Bruce,
are co-founders of Elizabeth Ministry International. Elizabeth Ministry offers hope and healing on issues related to childbearing, sexuality and relationships. Read more ››

Don Warden has spent the last 25 years in various levels of business management and ownership, most recently leading one of the largest dental laboratories in the U.S. Read more ››