RECLAiM Consecrated to Our Lady of Good Help

consecration of reclaimThe following consecration was made by Bishop David Ricken and all in attendance at the RECLAiM Sexual Health Conference Mass celebrated at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help on Saturday, October 27, 2012.

Our Lady of Good Help,
we unite in prayer to consecrate to you
the RECLAiM Sexual Health ministry.
We entrust this program to your love
and to your intercession for our Lord's mercy.

We pray for your Good Help
to be present in the lives and the homes of all those who suffer sexual addictions--
to bring them healing, to reclaim their spirit and their thinking,
to understand that we are made in the image and likeness of God,
and that he has given his plan for intimate love within the security of family.

May our renewed efforts to combat the evils of pornography
and all sexual addictions,
lead all people to the Holy Family
with Jesus as the center of lives and homes.

Together we pray for God's blessing
on the ministry of RECLAiM,
in the name the Father, and of the Son,
and of the Holy Spirit,
one God, for ever and ever. Amen.

The Saints - Look to Them as Role Models and for Prayer

The saints are members of our Christian Family that have preceded us in death.  Their lives give us powerful examples of what it means to have "Christ living in me", sometimes after having wandered far from the faith.  Just as we would ask any living Family member to pray for us, we can do the same with our Family members in heaven, whose souls exist before God in a way beyond our understanding.  We've gathered here the names of saints whose lives carry special siginificance for those of us trying to overcome unhealthy sexual behaviors, either because they lived heroic purity and virtue throughout their lives, or because they were able to attain purity and virtue after facing the same challenges and dark times we face.  Their stories are an inspiration for us and their prayers are powerful for us.

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St. Joseph -



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The Spirituality Behind RECLAiM

reclaimsexualhealth3With the light of faith, RECLAiM exposes and re-introduces God's original plan for humanity as described in the book of Genesis to help anyone trapped by pornography, masturbation, sex addiction, and other unhealthy sexual behaviors reclaim God's plan for their sexuality!

The spiritual foundation for RECLAiM includes:

Understanding how culture has given us a faulty view of human sexuality;

Appreciating the biological realities of sexuaity as ordained by God;

Discovering the divine purpose for sexuality as explained in the Theology of the Body; and

Reclaiming God's Plan for Sexual Health

The Theology of the Body teachings of the Catholic Church form the foundation for our healing resources; however, people of all faiths find that they benefit from them. All of our resources are Papal Fidelity resources, loyal to the Pope, Vicar of Christ, and to the magisterium in union with him.