Miscellaneous Information

Bruce Hannemann and his wife, Jeannie, are co-founders of Elizabeth Ministry International. They not only have shared the recovery journey with hundreds of couples through their ministry, but have lived it personally.

As an author and public speaker, Bruce has shared his own recovery story with humility and candor. He is honored to tell his story of God's restoration in his life and marriage. Bruce brings a wealth of understanding of young adults and the ability to teach scientific concepts with over thirty years experience teaching science at the college level. His understanding of Theology of the Body combined with training in brain science and the bio-chemistry of sex has put an end to the mystery of lust and given him a way to share God's plan for sexuality with proven answers that have touched the lives of many. His witty personality and ability to take complex topics and teach them in a down to earth manner has made him a popular presenter. He has a Master's Degree in Adult Christian Community Development with a concentration on Adult Learning.