If You Are Trapped in Sex Addiction, You Are Not Alone.

ifyouretrapped2Some people find it surprising that in virtually every culture across the world, there are large numbers of individuals who struggle with unhealthy sexual outlets and behaviors. Why has this trend become so prevalent?

Sexual thoughts and desires are very normal and natural. God gives all men and women erotic energy, which we call the sex drive. We have a passionate inheritance! It's only when these thoughts and desires become exaggerated or engaged in outside of marriage, that they turn destructive.

A term commonly used to describe an exaggerated or highly elevated desire to pursue sexual outlets and behaviors is "Hyper-Sexuality." At this level, human sexual behavior causes great disruption to the individual's life and harms relationships, productivity, spirituality and self- image.

Sexual encounters are powerful because they tap into and trigger intense emotional, biological and chemical responses throughout the brain and body. In fact, the neurochemical release triggered by illicit sexual behaviors is so intense, many scientists refer to it as the most powerful drug in history.

Many people get caught up in hyper-sexuality or sex addiction making it their "drug of choice" for escape, self-medication and an attempted replacement for real human intimacy. The struggle against this twisted sexual energy is a struggle against the forces of evil.  Read more about the Brain Science of Unwanted Sexual Behaviors.

We offer you a way to receive the graces needed to be whole and fully human, as God intended. Sexual energy needs to find its outlet in love, not lust. The RECLAiM Online Recovery Program can help you learn about the true nature of your addiction and the steps you must take to start moving toward your freedom.

Does More Sex Cure Sex Addiction?

moresexwillnotcureMany believe that fantastic, unlimited sex with their spouse would cure their sexual addiction. These individuals are often confused and deeply disappointed when they learn that this approach doesn't work.

Sex addiction is about much more than physical intimacy. Illicit sexual outlets trigger a literal chemical dependency in the brain. Sexual pursuits become a drug-of-choice for self-medication and escape from the stress, pressures and challenges of life. Just as more sex will not cure a substance abuse addiction, it's not going to heal the chemical dependency created by sexual addiction.

You can regain a close, committed, joyful relationship with your spouse, and break free from unhealthy sexual behaviors.

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You Don't Have to Be A Hermit to Break Free From Sex Addiction

fistEveryone has a "sex drive"—it's God-given and normal to experience sexual thoughts and desires. But going to war with your sexual urges in not the answer!  How you choose to bridle and direct the amazing power of sexuality is what matters most.

An important part of breaking free from unwanted sexual outlets and behaviors, is learning how to harness and direct your sexual urges and desires in healthy ways. We all have a "sex drive." It's completely natural and normal to have sexual thoughts, urges and desires. In fact, this is nothing more or less than "the power to co- create life" being manifest in us. This includes the power to co-create a human life, and to co-create the life of a relationship.  Having sexual urges and desires in no way makes you a bad or perverted person! It's what you do with these urges—how you direct this power and this energy, that makes all the difference.

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Trapped? Use the Right Timing to Break Free

timingSexuality is an important part of our lives. Throughout the world, individuals choose to express their sexual energies in a variety of ways. For many people, the sexual outlets they pursue can become a major disruption in their lives and get in the way of enjoying committed, fulfilling relationships.

These sexual outlets can include things like hooking up and one-night-stands; phone sex, sexual chat rooms, masturbation, prostitutes, many different forms of pornography; strip clubs, massage parlors and many more. Frustrated and unhappy with the results of their sexual behaviors, many get to the place where they realize, "This just isn't working for me any more." So, they try to stop the behavior, but too often discover that they can't. No matter how hard they try, they keep going back to the same sexual outlets, even though doing so is messing up their lives and their relationships.

Why is it so hard to break out of unwanted sexual behaviors and outlets? Shouldn't it just be a matter of deciding, "I'm not going to do that any more" and stop? Unfortunately, it's rarely that simple. Dr. Page Bailey's illustration of "The Funnel of Sexual Process" helps explain why breaking out of negative sexual habits can be so difficult.

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