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Get the help you need while keeping your privacy and anonymity.  The shame and embarrassment of porn use, masturbation and other unwanted sexual behaviors keep many from getting help because they fear the consequences of others discovering their "secret." To remove this barrier to recovery, the RECLAiM program is completely private and anonymous.

After enrolling in the RECLAiM program, you will have many tools and resources like video-based taining, a personal coach and a member forum (to name a few) to help you in your recovery process.  If and when you feel comfortable, you can invite a spouse, parent, clergy member, counselor or others to be an online support person for you. They will receive special training on how best to support you as well as address any needs and concerns they may have.

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Not ready to sign up for the Online Program just yet?  Our free resources below will begin to give you insights into breaking free from your unhealthy behavior!


Viewing pornography releases neurochemicals within the brain that are so intense, they can create a literal "chemical" dependency.  Learn more about why sheer will power is not enough to break an addiction to pornography.


The Church teaches that masturbation is wrong, and brain-science gives us new insight into the wisdom of that teaching. There is a way out of this negative cycle of shame and despair!

Other Unhealthy Sexual Behaviors

A person's sexual thoughts and desires are very natural and normal. It's when these thoughts and desires turn to lust and become exaggerated or "hyper-sexual" and interfere with other activities of life that they turn destructive.  You do not have to be a hermit to break free from unhealthy sexual behaviors like 'hooking up,' one-night-stands, phone sex, sexual chat rooms, prostitutes, strip clubs, massage parlors, sex addiciton, and more.