Help for Parents

As a parent, when you discover a teen or adult child's involvement with unwanted sexual behaviors, it's very normal and natural to feel like you've failed, or to be upset or embarrassed by what's happening. We can assure you that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! At RECLAiM, we provide support to individuals all over the world, and many are facing challenges very similar to those you struggle with.

Parent Support Introduction

RECLAiM Resources for Parents

In the RECLAiM training you'll learn about the "brain science" behind your child's pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors. You'll learn how these behaviors create a literal "chemical dependency" in the brain, very similar to illicit street drugs.

You're probably wondering, "What can I say or do to help my loved one break out of this terrible trap?" In the training, you will learn the most effective ways to help your child, and how to avoid the approaches that can actually deepen the addiction.

Your participation in your loved one's recovery journey is a critical part of maximizing their success, and strengthening the all-important child-parent relationship you share.

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