Miscellaneous Information

For over 18 years, Holley Jeppson has been helping individuals and families overcome difficult-to-change behaviors. Holley began her career as an on-campus counselor for a leading residential treatment center for teens. In addition, Holley and her husband served as foster parents for over 100 troubled teens, helping them successfully transition back to their families and communities.

Holley is a leader and innovator in the field of long-term recovery support and after-care. Working hand-in-hand with Clinical Psychologists and their clients, Holley teaches psycho-education courses, facilitates recovery groups, and oversees long-term recovery tracking and support. Holley is also the co-author and trainer for a highly effective program that helps couples and families heal damaged relationships.

As RECLAiM's Director of Coaching, Holley's leadership and innovation are crucial to the successful long-term recovery support of individuals across the world. As a counselor, Holley also works with her own private clientele in the areas of behavioral addiction, substance abuse, depression and anxiety, marriage and family issues.