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Mark Kastleman is an internationally acclaimed speaker, trainer and author. Mark works with leading brain scientists and psychologists in developing education and training programs used world-wide to help individuals overcome difficult-to-change behaviors.

Mark has conducted training for professionals across the U.S. and in various parts of the world. His audiences have included top government officials, psychologists and therapists, medical doctors, educators, law enforcement and the military. Mark is recognized for his writing in the areas of brain science and behavioral change, following in the footsteps of his mentor, world-renowned neuropsychologist, Dr. Page Bailey. Mark has received international acclaim for his extensive work in the field of pornography addiction prevention and recovery. His book The Drug of the New Millennium, The Brain Science Behind Internet Pornography Use is widely cited and utilized by therapists, counselors and clergy.

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In addition to his professional background, Mark brings a unique perspective and experience to RECLAiM through his own 25-year struggle and successful recovery from sexual addiction.