It's Not About Using More Will Power

willpower2Many priests report that sexual sins are the most common heard in the confessional. Often, the same person comes back time and time again to confess the same sexual sin, sincerely resolving to "never do it again"! The traditional approach to conquering masturbation usually involves using sheer willpower—"When the temptation hits me, I just need to fight as hard as I can to not give in!" Many also believe that avoiding the thoughts and urges is the answer—"I'll just force the temptation out of my mind."

At best, both of these strategies only bring about temporary relief, and often fail altogether. Fearing, fighting or avoiding the thoughts and urges to masturbate is not the answer. These approaches only make matters worse, cause shame and lead to an even more intense battle to stop.

Success can be found in working with your brain rather than fighting against it.  Read these Testimonials from RECLAiM students who discovered how to implement the Brain Science of Change, faith practices, and Theology of the Body to break free from the Masturbation Avoidance Cycle.

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