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brainactivity4In 1997, TimeMagazine published an article titled, "Addicted, Why do People Get Hooked?" It cites some of the "cutting-edge" research in the area of the "brain science" behind addiction.  What amazed me is how far we have come since then. Not that what the article discussed has been proven wrong—quite the opposite. The science in the article was dead-on and has been well established and further developed since then.

In essence, the article traces aspects of all addictions to the dopamine system in the brain:

Why do certain substances have the power to make us feel so good? Why do some people fall so easily into the thrall of alcohol, cocaine, nicotine and other addictive substances, while others can, literally, take them or leave them?


The answer, many scientists are convinced, may be simpler than anyone has dared imagine. What ties all these mood-altering drugs together, they say, is a remarkable ability to elevate levels of a common substance in the brain called dopamine...Dopamine, [scientists] now believe, is not just a chemical that transmits pleasure signals but may, in fact, be the master molecule of addiction.


 "Addiction," declares Brookhaven's Volkow, "is a disorder of the brain no different from other forms of mental illness."  That new insight may be the dopamine hypothesis' most important contribution in the fight against drugs. It completes the loop between the mechanism of addiction and programs for treatment. And it raises hope for more effective therapies.


Abstinence, if maintained, not only halts the physical and psychological damage wrought by drugs but in large measure also reverses it.

This research mirrors exactly what we are seeing with porn addiction recovery— addiction circuitry in the brain can be reversed, and healthy circuitry restored!

In 2007, Time Magazine had the brain scans to prove that with abstinence, the addict's brain can return normal over time.

First, a brain scan shows the activity in a non-addict brain:

brain activity addiction

A second scan image shows the brain of a cocaine addict 10 days after cocaine use stops:

brain activity addiction

Notice how little activity there is in the frontal lobe of the brain—the place where logic, willpower and self-control reside.

The third scan shows the addict brain 100 days after cocaine use has ceased:


Look at how much the activity in the front lobes has increased after just 100 days!

Change Your Brain!

The wonderful news is this brain change is not just a reality with recovering cocaine addicts, but with all addictions—including pornography addiction. The porn addicted brain can be changed and healed.

This is exactly what the RECLAiM Recovery Training program does.  It gives you all of the information, tools and training you need to begin transforming and healing the addiction circuitry in your brain. You can't break free of your porn addiction with the brain you have today—you must build a different brain. The fact is, YOU CAN and we will show you how!