Learn Why Sheer Will Power Is Not Enough


Common advice to those struggling with pornography or other unhealthy sexual behaviors is, "You just need to try harder!" Those who struggle with pornography use and other unwanted sexual behaviors, have often tried hard to overcome their addiction countless times, only to fall right back into it each time. Why does this happen over and over again? It's not because those with these sturggles are weak, evil, or a lost cause. It's because this specific way of thinking and behaving that has developed over time through repetition--it's because these behaviors have become habit.

An Addiction is a Habit on Steroids

Habit formation is your brain's number one priority. Why? Because the brain's watchword is efficiency. Since the moment you were born your brain has focused intensely on being efficient. And the most effective way to be efficient is through the formation of habits. This is what your brain seeks—to focus its energy and attention on mastering a skill and as quickly as possible make it automatic—a habit. Your brain can then move on to direct its efforts at learning and mastering the next skill.


While your brain's habit-formation power is a remarkable gift, it can also work directly against you when you attempt to break out of old habits—especially highly advanced habits like "addictions." Once your brain expends the time and energy to develop a habit, whether it's good or bad, it doesn't want to give it up! 

If, hundreds or thousands of times, a brain has "practiced" turning to pornography and other sexual behaviors as the most convenient, powerful, efficient way of instantly escaping boredom, stress, loneliness and the pressures of life, these outlets become that brain's automatic, dominant "drug of choice." Consistently practicing turning to a particular drug of choice makes that choice automatic—an addiction.

Over time, pornography viewing rewires your brain circuitry and shackles you in addiction. However, there is great hope! Your brain is "neuroplastic" which means it can be shaped, molded and changed. You are not stuck with your old addiction circuitry. Once an addict, always an addict is NOT TRUE!

Stop Fighting What Your Brain Does Naturally!

If you've tried:

  • sheer willpower,
  • hyper-avoidance
  • complete abstinence,
  • running away in fear,
  • giving in or
  • a host of other techniques

and none of them have worked, you've likely been fighting against the natural current of your brain. Instead, why not "go with the flow" and harness the power of your brain's marvelous habit-formation abilities? 

Everything you need to break free is already built into the very structure of your brain. Harnessing and redirecting the brain's natural habit-creating tendencies using RECLAiM's specific tools and exercises can help you break free.  

Remember, porn addiction is a specific way of thinking and behaving that has developed over time through repetition. Fighting your addiction only makes it worse because your brain is designed to hold on to what it has already learned.  Instead of going to war with your thoughts and urges, you can learn to work with your brain's natural built-in mechanisms for positive change.  The RECLAiM resources and the RECLAiM Online Recover Program can show you how!