Pornography Creates a Chemical Dependency

chemicaldependencyPornography is the most misunderstood and underestimated drug in the history of the world. And while this drug is not injected or ingested, but enters the brain through the eyes and ears, it is just as powerful and its devastating effects are just as real.

Referring to pornography as a drug is not metaphorical. Internet pornography triggers such a radical flood of neurochemicals in the brain, that it has been compared to cocaine.  At the simple click of a button or tap of a screen, we have instant and unlimited access to images that trigger a response in the human brain similar to street drug use.

Pornography viewing triggers the brain into releasing a flood of it's own endorphins and other potent neurochemicals such as dopamine, serotonin and norepinephrine. These internal chemicals produce a powerful rush or high very similar to street drugs.  People across the globe are turning to pornography as their drug of choice for escape and self-medication because it can be accessed from virtually anywhere; it's often completely free of charge; and it is designed to encourage anonymity and secrecy.

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 Be In the World, Not Of the World

You can enjoy and take advantage of all the wonderful technology-based tools that surround us without continually falling prey to pornography. Even though we live in an extremely sexualized world, you can RECLAiM your sexual health and live free from addiction.

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Are you suffering from chemical dependency connected to porn use?  RECLAiM Online Recovery Program can help you break free.