Spirituality & Recovery

A Support Network for the RECLAiM Student

No one can make important changes in their lives without some kind of support system—people need people. RECLAiM helps you put together your own Support Network, including—

Your RECLAiM Coach

Your personal coach will communicate with you through a private, anonymous message board. Your coach will help you create positive accountability, call attention to your successes, validate your insights, and encourage you to always keep moving forward. Your relationship will be friendly, calming and very professional.

The RECLAiM Student Forum

Another great way to receive support is through the RECLAiM Student Forum. In this private, anonymous forum, you can reach out and communicate with other RECLAiM Students all over the world. You can ask questions, receive timely responses, give and receive encouragement, support and ideas.

Your Personal Support Network

When you feel ready, you can reach out to selected people of your choice and through the RECLAiM technology platform invite them to participate as part of your Personal Support Network. These individuals can include a spouse, parent or other family member, friends, clergy, counselor or people from a support group. Just as your privacy and anonymity are protected, these individuals also access the RECLAiM platform using a "screen name" only.

At no cost to your Support People, RECLAiM will provide them with all of the training and resources they need to learn how to support you, and if necessary, get the help they need for their own healing process. Again, you decide if and when to invite these individuals—it's entirely up to you. You also decide which content you want them to see, and which you don't.

Spiritual Resources

The basic training modules are rich with scripture, prayers, quotes and references to Church documents that give insight to and support the recovery process. These, and other spiritual references, are posted in a searchable database allowing the student to easily access them when needed. RECLAiM Plus is a separate area in the program where articles and podcasts by leaders in the Catholic Church and experts in brain-science/behavioral change are posted and continually updated, allowing the student to delve deeper into these issues. Students are also remembered in prayer in our center chapel and through our Faith Friends prayer network.

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RECLAiM Sexual Health is a program of Elizabeth Ministry International (EMI). EMI offers hope and healing on issues related to sexuality, childbearing and relationships. For more information, go to www.elizabethministry.com

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