99% Do It, 1% Lie?

Here is a post shared on the Member FORUM in the RECLAiM Online Program:

"I've long struggled with masturbation. I accepted it a long-time ago as a fact all people must do. I bought in seriously to, "99% of men admit to doing it, and 1% lie." But that's not the truth! God wants us to thrive, not just survive. And having this sexual disorder is just surviving, simply managing our addictions. I love this program. I am new and already had a few set backs. But these occasions are much rarer than before I started. Progress! I am still going through the trainings, and I absolutely adore how faith, science, and reason intertwine, to change habits. I have hope for the future. And I pray for everyone else on this journey with me! God bless and good luck, my friends!"