Getting Beyond the Environmental to the Emotional Triggers

The RECLAiM Student Forum is an area in the RECLAiM Online Recovery Program where students come together to share their stories, offer ideas and provide support and encouragement to each other. For some students, this provides a means of making healthy connections with others, during a time in their recovery when it still may be difficult to do this in real life. This is an actual post from that Forum:

"The secret of Reclaim is not just learning how to deal with environmental triggers - in the past this is what kept you clean for a few weeks, but it didn't get to the root of the problem. The beauty of this program is that it goes far beyond FRC and gets to the emotional triggers, the real underlying core stuff that affects your whole way of life. This is going to be a real ride for you, so get excited and get on board. No more boredom for you."