My SA 12-Step Program Works Nicely with RECLAiM

The RECLAiM Student Forum is an area in the RECLAiM Online Recovery Program where students come together to share their stories, offer ideas and provide support and encouragement to each other. For some students, this provides a means of making healthy connections with others, during a time in their recovery when it still may be difficult to do this in real life. This is an actual post from that Forum:

"First post. I would like to say that this program is working. I've tried everything on the book --for years and years. I do participate in SA 12 steps and the steps weave in nicely with RECLAIM. I go to SA for the connection primarily, been going 4 years or so, with ups and downs in sobriety. Since staring RECLAIM something has changed and I do not feel that I am white knuckling. RECLAIM is a very effective tool for me so far. I always thought there was something in the brain that had to be addressed, straight on, with specific exercises, to un-do the addictive thinking. FRC is a great tool! I have been doing well for several weeks now, please pray for me and my continued recovery."