Post in Student Forum - Welcome to Reclaim

The RECLAiM Student Forum is an area in the RECLAiM Online Recovery Program where students come together to share their stories, offer ideas and provide support and encouragement to each other. For some students, this provides a means of making healthy connections with others, during a time in their recovery when it still may be difficult to do this in real life. This is an actual post from that Forum:

"Welcome to Reclaim. When you wrote that you were afraid to delete all of your images, I immediately thought you were afraid that you would look at them before you deleted them. Since that is not the case, get rid of it. Reclaim is your opportunity for a fresh start. Every day, take a moment to watch your Reclaim Modules. In addition, communicate with your Reclaim Coach regularly. Just by watching my training modules and visiting Reclaim regularly, I have been able to stay away from porn for over six months. Other students have stayed away from porn, even longer. The only porn slip that I had, occurred one month into Reclaim, and that was because I was so angry from not being able to access Reclaim. Just have patience and make some effort, you will eventually see results."