You are not alone!

Every day, RECLAiM Online Recovery Program Students from all over the world break free from addictions to pornography, masturbation, and other unhealthy sexual behaviors. Here are some of the testimonials sent in by students in various stages of overcoming and healing from their unhealthy sexual behaviors.

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Pastoral leaders at all levels are recognizing the pandemic nature of pornography and unhealthy sexual behaviors and the damaging effects on individuals, marriages and families. Many are gathering resources that can be shared with the souls entrusted to them. Here are some comments from those who have chosen to include Reclaim Sexual Health as part of those resources.

As a pastoral leader, we invite you to share your RECLAiM comments as well.


ricken2“RECLAiM addresses one of the most serious attacks being waged on the family today! I have personally asked Elizabeth Ministry to take on this challenge and ask you to do whatever you can to support this vitally important ministry of hope.”

Bishop David L. Ricken - Diocese of Green Bay, WI
Chairman – USCCB Committee on Evangelization and Education



"I was intrigued to learn more of the brain science behind this approach, and I find it fascinating that the science and the program further develops basic insights into human nature and behavior that go back to the ancient Greek philosophers, which was also developed by the moral teaching of the Church."

Bishop John F. Doerfler - Diocese of Marquette, MI


sirico-robert"I do not think I am exaggerating when I say that I believe your approach will save many marriages and many souls."

Rev. Robert Sirico
President and co-founder of the Acton Institute

sr marysia weber

"As a psychiatrist with 25 years of clinical practice, my careful review of every aspect of RECLAiM-Sexual Health has led me to conclude that RECLAiM is a most effective online program for helping persons who are struggling to be free of Internet pornography addiction. Individuals who I have referred to the RECLAIM online program have greatly benefitted.    Engagement with RECLAiM is unique in that all the components work together to bring persons back to a wholeness that will have far reaching effects upon spouses, families, friends and coworkers.  The overall cost to individuals is equivalent to the price of a daily cup of coffee."

Sister Marysia Weber, R.S.M., D.O.
Religious Sisters of Mercy of Alma, Michigan

fatherpercy"RECLAiM recovers sexual values and identity. Much is at stake. For sex serves marriage. Marriage serves family. Family serves society."

Rev. Anthony Percy
Rector, Seminary Of The Good Shepherd, Homebush, Austrailia and author of "Theology of the Body Made Simple"


"RECLAiM helps people to restore the original image of God which has been shattered by sexual addiction. It is a great gift to the Church."

Rev. Jay Kythe
Pastor, Church of Saint Pius X, White Bear Lake, MN